About Us

We talk, discuss and think a lot about the risks and dangers of using products that harm our ecosystem. We talk about the rising temperature and the need to lower our CO2 emissions. We watch videos about endangered animals and plastic oceans, but beside awareness, talking and lecturing, do we all take enough steps for these causes?

We launched ecoRabbit.org, as an online socially-responsible business that helps you take small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, by doing little changes to your daily habits. It can be as simple as skipping the Plastic Drinking Straws for a more sustainable one made of Glass, Stainless steel, or at worst case, Paper. Or going for a solar-powered piece of equipment, instead of its battery-powered alternative.

Our offices are based in both Tallinn, Estonia & Dubai, UAE and we are doing our best to source the most eco-friendly products from all over the globe, serving all customers internationally, at the least prices, to take eco-friendly sustainable living to the masses.