Our Values

1. Locally Global
We believe in supporting the local sustainable initiatives, wherever they are. We are always in the lookout for local artisans, makers, producers and suppliers to join our network. We are always ready to support local environmental awareness events and gatherings, all over the world. Just contact us at hello@ecorabbit.org

2. Smell Steps are better than None
We don't judge. You don't have to lead a 100% plastic-free lifestyle. Sipping your juice through a glass drinking straw in a plastic cup, is much better than drinking through a plastic drinking straw in a plastic cup. Sometimes starting with little small steps is better than waiting to take the big revolutionary step.

3. Not the cheapest but Affordable
Due to supply & demand, production technology and many other factors, alternative eco-friendly products are usually more expensive than their cheap plastic or non-reusable variants. At ecoRabbit, we try as much as possible to reduce this gap, to make sure everybody can afford to live a healthy lifestyle and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.