Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Pod Capsule for Nespresso™ - Eco-friendly

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(Coffee Machine is not included)


- Made of high-quality stainless steel to serve you a lifetime of 1000s of espresso shots.

- Precisely designed to match the exact design and dimensions of the standard Nespresso capsules.

- Very easy to wash, and comes with a cleaning brush.

- Box includes tamper, to help you press the coffee powder into the capsule to get the best taste. 

- Buy this capsule today, and enjoy mixing your own coffee blends at home or office.


Nespresso coffee pods hold 6 grams of coffee in 3 grams of packaging and while it is possible to recycle almost all the coffee pods currently on the market, it is a very difficult process, and most recycling facilities refuse to process coffee pods. That’s because Nespresso capsules are not pure aluminium, which is widely recycled — they have silicon lining, so the capsules need a bespoke recycling process.

Unfortunately, most of the used coffee capsules end up in landfills & oceans.