Solar-powered 10000mAh Power Bank - Android / iPhone-compatible, Water-proof, Eco-friendly

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This solar-powered power bank will be your best-friend on the beach, at home and on your camping trips. Your phone, tablet & other electronic devices are guaranteed to remain charged, wherever the sun shines.

Most people who buy this power bank end up using it as the main charger for their phones and other electronics. 

Input Power via Micro USB
Output Power via 1 x Generic USB Ports
Battery Capacity (mAh): 12000 mAh
Battery Type: Li-Polymer
Waterproof Rating IP67
Weight: 186 g
Size: 168 x 80 x 16 mm

Quality Certification: CE / ROHS / FCC


Burning fossil fuels for electricity is one of the core reasons for global warming. Solar power is a clean & safe alternative source of power, and is the future of electricity.

Having this solar-powered power bank and USB charger gives you a taste of free solar energy, and an opportunity to raise the awareness of the rest of your family & friends on the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions on the planet.